This acupuncture clinic was created to provide support to our Richmond community as we all are faced with the challenge of building resilience in the face of stress- both our personal stressors and those that we face together as a whole. Though you will be asked if you are currently experiencing any bothersome symptoms you’d like the treatment to address (back pain, insomnia, headaches, etc.), they will be considered secondary to helping your nervous system “discharge the static” of everyday life so you may move forward with a calm and revitalized spirit.



9/29: 1-5 pm

10/27: 1-5pm

Call the spa in advance (804.678.9816) to secure your spot! Spots fill quickly and walk-ins may not be able to be accommodated.


Never tried acupuncture before? ...this is a wonderful introduction. Receive regular acupuncture? …this is a lovely way to add another needle nap to your month. Enjoy your 30-45 min treatment for a sliding scale fee of $10-30. All necessary paperwork will be provided to you upon arrival.

All are welcome- this is a safe and inclusive space that welcomes all members of our community (and visitors)! Your level of care will never be based on any private or public identifying factors that by definition categorize us as different and separate from one another- race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, education, income level, marital status, religious beliefs, political beliefs, etc. We’re more concerned with celebrating how we’re all alike. We simply ask that you be kind and respectful.

Before Receiving Acupuncture, please be aware:

  • If you are pregnant or currently trying to get pregnant or undergoing IUI/IVF acupuncture is absolutely safe and effective and lovely! Please be sure to let me know before we begin treatment so that I may choose points accordingly.

  • Wearing clothing that will allow you to roll your sleeves up to your ankles and your pants up to your knees will allow for the most thorough session. Most points that will be used are located on the head, ears, neck, and below elbows/knees.

  • Having a little bit of food in your stomach is the best case scenario to avoid nausea or light-headedness that can potentially happen when receiving acupuncture after having just eaten too much or not having eaten enough that day.

  • Please limit coffee/high caffeine food or drinks and completely avoid alcohol/ any intoxicating substances in the immediate hours prior to and after your treatment. Drinking plenty of water on treatment days (and always!) is also beneficial to the healing process.

  • Please avoid intensely strenuous exercise or activities on treatment days. Light exercise such as yoga, stretching, and/or walking are lovely and supportive alternatives.


What to Expect:

  • Upon arrival, you will be given your paperwork (short intake + consent form) and make your payment. Once you’re done filling everything out, you’ll be taken up to the treatment room as soon as a chair opens up. This is a stress-free zone for you, the incredible Vitality staff, and me- your acupuncturist! I invite you to utilize any wait time you might have to read, journal, crossword, knit…you get the idea. Please do not be in a rush at group acupuncture.

  • Once upstairs, you’ll pick your seat and roll up pant legs/sleeves + remove socks and any watches/bracelets. I’ll come and we’ll chat briefly about anything you’ve requested as a focus for the treatment + I’ll feel your wrist pulses on both hands (this gives me a read on the state of your body’s energy systems) and I may look at your tongue (this gives me an idea of how your digestion is working).

  • Next I’ll insert the acupuncture points- anywhere from 3-12 points spanning from the top of your head to the tip of your toes!

  • Each point is precisely located and gently massaged before a small tube guides the needle in to the point. It's very common to not feel anything as the needle is inserted, but then to feel "something" in the area shortly afterwards. Warmth and movement around the needle are the most frequent observations as are similar sensations in areas of the body where there are no needles at all. Some points may zing a bit on initial insertion - this dissipates quickly. You'll be walked through the process every step of the way and your feedback is honored and encouraged.

  • Once all of the points are in place and you're comfortable and warm, you'll be left to rest for 20-30 minutes. You'll most likely doze off, but your body will be doing a lot of work taking the direction of the needles- opening areas that are stuck and constricted and strengthening areas that are tired and weak. It's the ultimate "power nap." I’ll be in the room the entire time, so if you decide you’re ready sooner you can just raise your hand and I’ll come over and remove your points.


Meet Kelly Sherman, L.Ac. CHN

“I'm an Acupuncturist and Holistic Nutritionist in Richmond, VA and I'm on a mission to integrate the wisdom of the traditional healing arts into our fast paced lives and modern approach to healthcare.” -Kelly

We are so grateful to have Kelly, the creator of Wax and Wane Wellness to collaborate with us to make this opportunity available for the community.

Meet Nic Pitts, L.Ac.

Nic Pitts, L.Ac., the creator of Onward Acupuncture, is a board certified acupuncturist and Chinese medical herbalist. She holds a Masters Degree of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts in Asheville, NC. There, she studied classical Chinese medicine under the tutelage of of Jeffrey Yuen, 88th generation Daoist priest of the Jade Purity tradition. She's always believed that life guided her to the path of Chinese medicine. Her grandmother was Cherokee and spent a lot of time in Japan. Because of this, she grew up in an environment where she had early exposure to Asian culture and natural medicine and spirituality. She came to the study of classical Chinese medicine through her study of Asian religions and medical systems. What started as childhood interest in feng shui and meditation, continued into study of Buddhism, Daoism, Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine while pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in English. She has a passion for community acupuncture and affordable healthcare, and has learned that she has a particular affinity for working with depression, stress, anxiety, and trauma.

Things to note

  • As this is a group healing environment, talking and general volume will be kept to a minimum. Please turn your phone off and put it away to ensure no ringing or alerts or distractions will disrupt your session or anyone else’s.

  • There is a small flight of stairs that are necessary to ascend to reach the treatment room. We will have help available should you need some assistance, but unfortunately there is no elevator access.

  • There will be smells- good ones- but smells…incense, essential oils…please be aware if you are particularly sensitive.