balance your organs,

boost your nutrition,

cleanse any microbes, heavy metals & pathogens,

retune your body!

Tesla-based, NASA Approved PEMF Technology!




20 min- $25

Brain Reboot, Headache Relief, Nutrition Boost, Higher-self 

45 min- $50

Demo-Harmonizer, Balance the Mind, Immune Boost, Hormone Harmony, Relax All, Deep Sleep, Positivity

60 min- $65

Organ Balance, General Detox, Injury

90 min- $100

Customized organ balance, nutrition boost & microbe cleanse. 


What to expect in your session?

We will go over what amp coil therapy is, the contraindications, what to expect

during and after a session, then you will speak into the voice analysis app, we

will go over the results and the itinerary of your amp coil session. From there you

will lie in the anti-gravity chair to receive the treatment. You will have the option

to wear a recommended eye pillow with essential oils, and wear headphones to

listen to a guided meditation or light relaxing music. The amp coil technician will

come into the treatment space from time to time to start you through different

coiling journeys. If you have any concerns, please let us know at any time. Once

your amp coil session is over the technician will let you know and give you your

things. From there the technician will recommend a coiling treatment plan with

at home strategies for you to achieve optimal health.

What is the Ampcoil?

The amp coil is a Tesla designed, Nasa approved “magnetic field therapy,”

PEMF (pulsing electromagnetic fields) Technology wellness tool that

allows everyone to reach their highest level of wellness.

How it works?

The tablet uses a sound transmission technology to listen

to the messages from your body through voice stress analysis. The

BetterGuide App then uses its extensive mathematical algorithms to play

back your chosen frequency tunes through a PEMF process and a

modified tesla coil, similar to a high-powered tuning fork for your body.

The voice analysis guides you through your priorities and slowly

deactivate the causative influences that allow dis-ease to flourish.

What the voice analysis depicts:

The voice analysis is showing the areas/items most out of tune and is not a diagnosis,

Priorities are always changing from minute to minute as the body shifts through energetic

phases, emotions and times of day. You will notice patterns of ongoing

priorities. You will never get the same results - energy is always changing

- one bit of food and the pancreas may jump into a higher percentage or

something as simple as the time of day. There are so many variables.

The analysis results:

Generally speaking, your top 10-20 issues will

always remain within the top 20 until you work with them. The order will

always change, it’s how energy works. As long as you are “peeling the

onion” as they appear, meaning neutralizing the top issues of vibrational

interference, then it becomes easier for your body to return to its natural

harmonic state.

Proven studies:

There are over 2000 studies with NASA stating once a

person’s electromagnetic field is out of balance deficiencies, disease and

declining health symptoms follow. The amp coil retunes one’s frequency

back to its natural electromagnetic state.

Contraindication for use:

Avoid use if you are pregnant, nursing, have a

pacemaker, defibrillators or any electrical or battery-operated implants,

suffer from non-pathogenic related seizures, or if you have a medical

condition that may contraindicate use of the Amp Coil and PEMF therapy.

Do not use on or around internal staples, those with pins, screws, plates,

replacement joints and breast implants should avoid placing the coil

directly on those areas. Keep coil away from head and face area if

multiple amalgam fillings are present. Take extreme caution when using

with household pets as they are much more sensitive to PEMF therapy.

What to expect during the treatment:

We will remove all metals (jewelry,

belts), cell phones, technology from the treatment space. Let the client know if

the coil is on and then it will delete phone data or ruin any technology if the

amp coil is on. The client will then lay comfortably in the anti- gravity chair. If

the client has to get up during a session for any reason, please place the amp

coil back in the anti-gravity chair before they get up. They will receive an eye

pillow with essential oils and head phones to listen to light music or partake in a

guided meditation. The amp coil will be placed on their torso, chest, behind

their head or injury site if there is no metal in that body part based on their amp

coil journey. Previous clients state the session is very relaxing as there may be a

sensation of extra heat in the area of the amp coil and a tingling sensation.

Much like an enhanced reiki treatment.

What to expect after an amp coil treatment:

Some people are energized by

coiling while others find it relaxing. The journeys in the Cleanse Album

may produce an increase in symptoms for 1-2 days. Each time symptoms

clear, you will feel the difference and enjoy reaching another milestone in

your wellness. Some cleansing symptoms include fatigue, headaches,

irritability, nausea and etc. All symptoms show that your body and liver ARE

purifying and removing toxins to restore itself to a more

neutralized state.