In the past, our ancestors spent most of their lives walking barefoot, with their feet constantly being stimulated by the texture of the Earth. Many ancient cultures directly connected the health of the body to the health of the feet. Reflexology is a natural healing art, based on the principle that all parts of the body have a corresponding “reflex” point on the feet, which can be stimulated to improve the health and function of the corresponding area. 

Issues ranging from headaches to sinus problems to stomach issues can be addressed with this modality. If sensitivity or tenderness is experienced when certain areas of the foot are stimulated, it usually indicates weakness or imbalances within the corresponding organ. With repeated practice of applying pressure and manipulating nerve endings, reflexology can help to clear any blocked channels by increasing circulation, bringing new nutrients to the tissue and calming nerve impulses to improve overall health and balance. 


  • A deeply relaxing and therapeutic response.

  • Increased digestive response and constipation relief.

  • Sinus drainage and decongestion.

  • Decreased bronchi and lung congestion.

  • Endocrine stimulation

  • Uterine reflex stimulation can help to bring on overdue babies or late menses.

  • Uterine reflex stimulation will also relieve some of the symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

  • Reduced muscular tension in the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, sciatic area and spine.

  • Reduced swelling in the feet and lower limbs.

  • Increased lymphatic, nerve and blood circulation.

  • Kidney stones have been reported to pass with the stimulation of the kidney reflexes.

  • Many clients report they are as relaxed as if they had a full body massage.


30 min reflexology - $45

60 min reflexology - $65

90 min reflexology - $100




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Megan Bolton is certified in Integrative Reflexology through Claire Marie Miller. She's passionate about plants, herbs and providing relaxation and relief to her clients. 

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Stephanie Moyer

Stephanie is certified in Integrative Reflexology through Claire Marie Miller. She's passionate about providing an effective and relaxing experience to her clients.

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