Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Moyer is the Spa Manager and a Reflexologist for Vitality Float Spa. She is originally from Rockford, Illinois - but went to high school in Greenville, Missouri (you'll never find it on a map). She went to Memphis College of Art and VCU for fine arts, and fell in love with Richmond, everything it has to offer, and currently calls it home. With close to 13 years experience in sales/customer service/marketing, she is excited to help Vitality continue to grow.

She is also trained in Integrative Reflexology, and truly believes the feet are the two most neglected parts of the body. She is very grateful to be able to assist people on their healing journey. She is also finishing her Canine Myo-manipulative Therapy Certification, and hopes to help abused and neglected animals with touch sensitivities move on from the traumas they’ve experienced.

When Stephanie isn't at the spa, you can find her hanging out with her two dogs, Icarus and Kona, and two cats, Carlin and Ray Charles Jr. She is very passionate about helping animals and is a part of a local dog handling company, Canine Adventure. She also loves drawing, popping bubbles, playing the violin, scream-singing in the car/shower, and hiking pretty much where ever she can.